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We must realize

I sometimes forget that I must realize I can't make EVERYONE happy. That I have to pick and choose what I feel I am capable of each day. Right now with working 2 jobs and basically a third. my time, is thin. My options are many and basically my body will only allow me to exert enough energy to do so much for so many. I also tend to take things way too literally, and I keep forgetting that if someone posts something especially on public forum it doesn't necessarily mean they are talking about me. In some cases I am sure they are, but should I take it so personally? I guess so, partially at least, that's at least how I feel sometimes. 

I just really needed to get that off of my chest. I feel like especially this week I am moving all over the place trying to cover basis with everyone all the time. I keep having to cancel plans and make new ones with no guarantee. I feel like I need a small print on my schedule, subject to change upon short notice. Maybe that would work. For I am a subject of change. 


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