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Interesting Analysis
Angel wing

I find it interesting how we will constantly strive to fit the perimeters of someone else's judgments.All my life I have been told I am too skinny, that I need to eat more, or that I am too plain, I need more makeup or that I am this, that or the other thing. I find it interesting that many woman also tell me how much they wish they could be me, but why would you tell me I am too skinny if then I am exactly what you want to be. 

Here are some facts about being "to skinny" 9 out of 10 times we try to eat anything and everything that will make us gain weight and without any sort of success we are still skinny and looking "malnourished" in your eyes. In our eyes we see every pound as a victory to be able to find clothes that fit. For people such as myself I have curves that fit proportionately to my body, and the fact that I am skinny should come as no surprise considering how small of a frame my body is.

Also, just because we are petite and skinny does not make finding clothes any easier, first off small and extra small are usually the smallest sections and they have the least options unless you want to be a walking billboard or wear jeans that have more holes than fabric. This is not a fashion statement that I like, and therefore I have to save up my money to find clothes that too fit me correctly and when I find a company that makes them I stick with that company till they discontinue the fashion. And if I get a heads up I stock up because for the most part my clothes will fit me for the next five years, if I am careful. 

Just because my hip bones stick out does not mean I am anorexic, thank you very much. I work very hard to make sure I eat healthy and balanced meals, the fact is that yes I could eat mcdonalds every day and you know what I would feel like I was going to be sick, but that wouldn't make me gain weight. I do eat, as a matter a fact some times i eat alot. Sometimes I don't it all depends on the day, the weather, my mood, etc. Factors come into play. 

Having small arms doesn't make you weak, Its hard for some skinny girls to understand everyone's body is meant for different things, I have torn more tendons or strained them than I can count because I wanted to do something my thicker, stronger counterparts and friends could do it and I wanted to prove a point. The fact is when you are in pain for the next week it won't be awesome, it will suck. And down the line when you feel like you can't move it will not be worth it. So don't let people tell you that you are weak, the fact is your strengths are more internal. Like for me I may not be strong but I am far more agile, and I am able to maneuver myself. 

Here are some facts about being small. Goodnight. 


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