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It's been a long time awaiting.
Angel wing

Hello world,

I am not entirely certain how many people will ever gaze upon this journal as there are millions out there just like it. Someone constantly is posting something on here about something or another. I don't know why I am back on here actually my head is throbbing at the moment, probably should be sleeping but I don't have to work early, so I am taking the time to enjoy the evening. It is St. Patrick's day after all, and while everyone is getting rid of brain cells I am enjoying my evening inside. I wouldn't dare driving with my lead foot and those cops out looking for drunks, it is a tragic combination. 

As for my life, in the most recent journals it was complaints of my ex, we are no longer communicating and my life has honestly been so much more at ease even with the financial constraints as well as the emotional ones. I go through a government organization and they keep pushing me to seek counseling but I find that my writing is my counseling, many of the therapists I have seen tell me to write when ever I feel emotionally overwhelmed so then i have to think about it. But much of what I write here is it flows from my fingers and I am at peace when it is finished.

 I am currently working with staffing agencies to find a work field that I can operate well in, and that hopefully can assist me in finding better employment. I am looking to transfer schools as well. My last quarter where I commuted over a 100 miles every week to go to school did fair well for the most part. I am still waiting to hear from my First Aid Instructor about my Passing grade. 

This next week I will go to Two Campuses and acquire my certificates in order to prove that I am in fact certified for CPR and First Aid.  Other than these accomplishments, I am looking to revamp myself. Besides changing work fields and furthering my education, I now officially own a car of my own, and I am working to pay off debts. I currently in the immediate future have close to 1,000$ of debt. Which shouldn't take more than 6 months to pay off. Then I am basically saving up money for the awhile. Once I have saved up atleast 3 months wages I am planning to take some time off and go see people, visit some new places and then come back hopefully refreshed in the mean time I plan to make some physical changes, tattoo work to be done, maybe some piercings, as well as hair and teeth. Obviously this all going to be expensive stuff, the tattoo should run me close to 400$ when its all said and done, my hair will be 60 with cut, and specific color and probably blow 100 on extensions. Then piercings will be about 40, then my teeth well I plan to clean them and then try and straighten them. but that will be after I have figured out my last debt with them. I am tired of people seeing them be crooked and see me as something ugly because of it. It's my teeth that i was born with smashed up a bit. 

But alas once I am finished with all of that I am going to start up modeling again, and work towards maybe becoming a model for model Mayhem or SG. Who knows. I am not entirely certain I am what they expect for that sort of stuff. But who cares its all about being artistic. And I believe I am quite the artist. My body is a canvas but I am also a lady, All of my tattoos are covered about 90% of the time. And I love 50's elegance as well as victorian wear. I am a fan for the mystique and yet the willing lust. I am complicated I go in all directions because I can, because I will, because it must be done. 

The world is bound but it may one day be free. 




Don't be so hard on yourself. You can do it. 

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A: Same car I helped tow home from Tacompton?
B: What other tattoos do you have planned?
C: Alter your teeth if you feel they're unhealthy, or if *you* feel they look unpleasant. Fuck what other people think. If you're concerned with that, it isn't your teeth need altering. (Personally, I think you've got a sexy mouth, teeth included.)

A] Yes, same car.
B] I am putting vines to connect my 3 triquestras as well as getting two cresent and one full moon on the other side. to balance me out a bit.
c] my teeth are definately not healthy but thank you for thinking I got a sexy mouth :]
I just want to improve myself so then I can like and or love who I am.

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